Style contemporain

The contemporary style is well anchored in our time and wants to be simple and purified. A stylized lighting will come to sublimate your interior then do not hesitate more, make your daily newspaper modern!

Personality: Simple, purified, elegant, soft, modern, current, roomy.

Dominant color: Black and white, blue, plum, chestnut, white, green.

Matter: Liege, silicone, stainless, velvet, aluminium, concrete, PVC

Furniture and accessories: Coffee table, stickers, vase, flowers, candlesticks, sofas

. Decorative piece: Wallpaper, tiling, stools, opened kitchen, bay window.

Close style: Style loft, industrial style.


loft style design

With the mounting of new technologies and new trends, the style design takes its source in the straight lines. The black par excellence remains the color of a déco design.
Personality: Diagram, futuristic, trend, mysterious, fluid, graphic, daring.

Dominant color: Black, white, orange, red.

Matter: Plexiglass, stainless, plastic, enamelled melamine, glass, polished concrete, braided stone.

Furniture and accessories: Bath-tub small island, large carpet, showers with Italian, cushions.

Decorative piece: Electric chimney, wallpaper.

Close style: Contemporary style, pop style



Find an environment where cascade, water lily and house at the edge of water thanks to the natural style mix. Attention, expatriation is with go!

Personality: Cordial, luminous, wild, simplicity, peaceful, authenticates, fresh.

Dominant color: Green, chestnut, white, blue, gray, touch of red. Matter: Bamboo, wood, wire, wool, slate.

Furniture and accessories: Net curtain, furniture out of raw materials, indoor fountains, plants, stools in wood logs, vegetable table.

Decorative piece: Wallpaper, vegetable wall, carpet, reasons of flowers and sheets.

Close style: Style Zen, style countryside.

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