Special folder : Swimming pool and Spa Why not a mini swimming pool for a townhouse?

Nothing any more escapes small spaces, not even the swimming pool dreamed so much in full summerJerôme Courcoux, chairman of Vaireo, creator of mini swimming pools in Marseilles, answers 5 questions to clarify the trend.

Petit piscine

Jérôme Courcoux, chairman of Vaireo, Marseilles company of adjustments of parks and gardens and creation of swimming pools answered our questions and informs us on a growing trend: the urban swimming pool.

Which success for mini the swimming pools?

Most people having small grounds downtown, funds of course or terraces announce the approach in order to if the installation of a swimming pool on their premises is possible, often under the impulse of their children. Maintaining yes! Thanks to the mini-swimming pools, even the urban ones are entitled to their water supply point. On average lower than 10 square meters, these swimming pools are intended for all kinds of practices going from the basin of stroke to the basin of relaxation, more often voted by plebiscite.

Which are the constraints met during the construction of an urban swimming pool ?

They are technically difficult achievements. The lack of space often returns the access to the garden and the difficult earthwork and complicates the evacuation of engraved and other remains due to the installation. So they are the work mainly carried out with the hand from where a cost often higher than a traditional swimming pool. To maximize the size of the swimming pool, one limits the concrete contribution to the profit of wood or of aluminium. Only the flagstone of the bottom will be made up of concrete.

Which budget for a mini-swimming pool?

It is necessary to count between 15,000 and 20,000 euros for a small swimming pool (2x5m ², 1.5x5m ² for example). But that these installations often are part of a global project much more succeeded, that should be known to optimize and arrange as well as possible its outdoor area. Thus, the mini-swimming pools are equipped often definitely: stroke with against current, fountain and thus more expensive.

Which is the duration of construction of a mini swimming pool?

The duration of construction of these mini-swimming pools is rather short due to the reduced surface which they occupy. It is necessary to count on average 3 days for the earthwork and the installation of the 2 day and concrete slab for the assembly of the swimming pool.

Does one have as much choice than for a traditional swimming pool?

The individuals have as much choice concerning their mini-swimming pool than for a traditional swimming pool in terms of aestheticism, preparing and materials (stone, wood). It acts for most half-sunken swimming pools which one decorates thereafter with lightings or plantations. Vaireo, 76, avenue du Prado. 13006 Marseilles. Tel.: +33 (0) 4 91 31 05 72.

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