To work of at home, to arrange its administrative papers, its school stationery or its books, the office finds its niche at the house! Concentration please, environment wants to be studious and the organized framework.

An office of angle in the room, a retractable office in the corridor or an office library in the living room: yes, the office infiltrates everywhere in the house to offer a small space dedicated to work where one can arrange the sorters, the pens, the invoices and a computer. In the spacious interiors, a part can to even be him entirely devoted. The multi-media office or data-processing furniture will then be surrounded by a large cupboard of office and boxes of storage, and the framework, half-compartment moreover of the house, will be more favourable with the concentration.
Practical and functional, the office is a furniture which one adopts at any age, but not in the same style! It generally small and will be coloured in the children and will be equipped with a plate way Union Jack or New York at the teenagers. In the adults, the office of predilection for an environment Zen or classic is out of wood and that of the interiors design is enamelled in black or white
Whatever the configuration of your office, discover our ideas, tips and solutions to choose its adequate installation, its storages and its decoration. To conceive, to arrange and decorate your interior in an original way, also discover our photographs of offices and the dedicated forum.

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